"The State of the Arts in Zimbabwe"

Welcome to this site displaying interviews with Zimbabwean artists and cultural workers on arts in the present crisis of that country. The interviews are all made by Mai Palmberg, but we are happy to be able to include an article by professor Patricia Alden on literature, written on the basis of interviews in Zimbabwe, and with explicit reference to the interviews on this site.

We advice you to read the introduction for a summary of why and how the interviews were made. All interviews were made by Mai Palmberg, who also has taken all pictures reproduced here.

Every genre contains a brief overview, which also situates the interviewees in the Zimbabwean artistic development.

Changes will be made to the site over time, with fuller overviews, new interviews, more background etc.

All comments and especially constructive criticism on how to improve the site are very welcome.

Mai Palmberg
Coordinator for the project “Cultural Images in and of Africa” at the Nordic Africa Institute. E-mail address: mai.palmberg@nai.uu.se

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