Wumi Raji

The Nigerian author
Wumi Raji

Thursday 27 March at 18.00

Wumi Raji is a scholar of literature and a senior lecturer in Engish at the University of Ilorin, situated north of Lagos. He is presently gueast researcher at the Nordic Africa Institiute in Uppsala. He is himself a writer of potery, short stories and plays. In 1998 he won a prize in the BBC Arts and Africa Poetry Competition. In 2002 he published a collection of poems, Rolling Dreams, filled with pain and dreams. As scholar he has written his Ph.D. thesis on the West Indian writer George Lamming, and has also written about the Nigerian writers Wole Soyinka, and Ken Saro-Wiwa.

He will speak on his favourite authors, and on his own writing, in a talk with Mai Palmberg, coordinator of the research project "Cultural Images in and of Africa".


Mai Palmberg
researcher, responsible for the research project
”Cultural Images in and of Africa”.

Venue: The Nordic Africa Institute, the library. Kungsgatan 38, Uppsala
Feel free to come before the meeting—the library is open on Thursday until 19 hours.

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