Elieshi Lema

Tanzanian writer

Friday 1 October 17–19

Elieshi Lema's first novel Parched Earth - A Love Story came out in 2001, and launched in Swedish as Bränd jord in September 2004, by Tranan. It is the story of a teacher Doreen Seko, and the unfolding of her relationships with three different men. In the course of events the readers get a rich dose of thought-provoking and agonising reflections on a modern African woman's negotiations of contradicting roles and expectations, and not least on 'masculinity'.

In 2002 the book received an honourable mention by the prestigious NOMA award committee, who called it "perhaps the first feminist Tanzanian novel in English".

Venue: The Nordic Africa Institute, the library. Kungsgatan 38, Uppsala

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Mai Palmberg
coordinator for "Cultural Images in and of Africa".

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