Performing arts

Ageli (S)

Gudrun Engberg, Johanna Karlén, Saga Blomberg, Celso Paco, Alfred Granberg, Erik MattssonAgeli c/o Gudrun Engberg, Järnvägsallén 5B, 183 69 Täby, Sweden. Saga's mob: +46 (0) 736 53 43 31. Gudrun's mob: +46 (0) 704 89 31
Ageli describe themselves as “a Swedish vocal ensemble of six singers performing South African songs. We were all touched by the sound and the rhythm of South African music and started to sing together in 2003. The songs have been brought to us by South African musicians and through individual members’ participation in Choir for Africa, Cape Town. Some of the songs are about love and every day life; some have a political or religious theme. The music is the sound and the rhythm of South African choir music performed with Ageli’s very own timbre.”

Public exposures
Concert, Mäster Olofsgårdens Mångfaldsfestival, Stortorget, Stockholm, Sweden.
Concert in S:t Görans' kyrka, Ageli participation in "Schweitzer och Afrika" singing Bachcorals with influence of South-African/Ageli-sound, Stockholm, Sweden.
Participation in inauguration of Africa Now, African art gallery – Lidingö, Sweden.

Bensayed, Mustafa (S)

Hagavägen 266, 75 263, Uppsala, Sweden. Telephone: +46 (0) 706 41 79 85
Mustafa Bensayed is a percussionist playing karkaba, tbl and guinbre. He also sings dkr and describes his music as “spiritual music.”

Public Exposures
2007 Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, performance at the Nordiska Afrikadagarna, Uppsala, Sweden.
Röda Korset Uppsala, Sweden.
Hijazz Uppsala, Sweden.
Twice he has done music therapy for handicapped people in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bumba, Edo (S)

Music performances & teaching
Mårdgatan 17, 426 71, Västra Frölunda, Sweden. Telephone: + 46 (0) 31 89 94 11. Mobile: +46 (0) 706 50 88 37
Edo Bumba describes himself as an “African music, dance, choir leader, composer, guitarist, singer, percussion player, music producer & teacher.”

Public exposures

2007, Världens bar at Göteborgs Stadsteater,   Göteborg, Sweden.
2007, Klubb Pangea at mixmusic at Jeriko, Malmö, Sweden.

Chiwalala, Arnold (Fin)

Music, dance, singing
Kirstinmäki 7C 45, 027 60, Espoo, Finland. Landline: +358 (0) 98 59 76 89. Mobile: +358 (0) 405 29 06 22
Arnold Chiwalala makes his “own compositions/invention and choreographies with more or less influence of elements from traditional music and dances from Tanzania.”

Public exposures

Kaustine Folk Music Festival, Finland
Haapaves Folk music Festival, Finland
EBU (European Broadcast Union) festival, Germany
Nordischer Klang, Greifswald-Germany
World music festival, Marienhamnd/Åland
Sauti Za Busara Music Festival, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Espoo Theatre, Finland
Q-Theatre, Finland
World Day Event, Estonia

André De Lang (S)

Tätorpsvägen 15a, 128 31, Skarpnäck, Sweden. Home: +46 (0) 8 93 19 33. Mobile: +46 (0) 708 88 12 65
André de Lang’s describes his music as “South African/soul/folk/heart songs,   inspirational music, singing, choir.”

Public exposures

Music Festival at Mundekulla Kurs and Retreatgård, Peter Elmberg 0471 504 50
Musik i Sagobygd i Småland, Gunilla Lundh-Tobiason

Man Luckerz and the Zim-Traditional Unity (S)

Music, theatre and dance
Stenrösvägen 42, 752 66, Uppsala, Sweden. Telephone: +46 (0) 18 51 33 48. Mobile: +46 (0) 739 51 73 02
Man Luckerz describes himself as a musician and a performing artist, working in a style of “Zimbabwean traditional dance and music.” He is a drummer, singer, dancer and actor, with high aims.

Public exposures

Workshops and performances in Shona traditional music in Swedish churches, organized by Svenska Kyrkan, Sweden.
Performance for Kulturnatten at Nordiska Afrika Institutet, Uppsala, Sweden.
Performance for Aids Day at Afrika Grupperna, Sweden.
Performance at Folkets Hus, Uppsala, Sweden.
Performance at Eco Café, Uppsala, Sweden.
Performance at Fredmans, Sweden.
Weddings in Uppsala, Stockholm in Sweden, and in Zimbabwe.
Workshops in Bromma Kultur skolan, Stockholm, Sweden.
Performance for SIDA in Stockholm, Sweden.
Performance at Hijazz, Uppsala, Sweden.
Sveriges Radio P2, Sweden.
Africa Party at Folkets Hus, Lund, Sweden.
Workshops in Shona music and dance at Stefan stop skolan, in Lund and Malmö organized by Zimba Marimba, Sweden.
Workshops in Helsingborg organized by Mzungo, Sweden.
Workshops in Finland organized by Finish church.
Workshops and performances- organized by Studieframjändet and Fyris Gården Workshops with Vepepe in Iceland.
I attended some workshops for cultural program exchange in Sweden and other countries.
I have appeared on radio, local press and in a number of TV 4 documentaries in Sweden and ZTV-Radio in Zimbabwe.
I worked with many artists in Chitungwiza, Harare- Zimbabwe, etc.
I have performed at various occasions and festivals in Harare and other provinces in Zimbabwe.
I have attended many meetings pertaining to theatre workshops, development and grooming of artists in Zimbabwe and other countries including USA, Sweden, Finland.
Manluckerz’s First album: Macharangwanda- Remain.
Second album: Pandiri-Where I am- Vad jag är!

Sacembira (S)

Saga Blomberg, Celso Paco. C/o Blomberg Klubbacken 31, 129 39, Hägersten, Sweden
Saga mobil +46 (0) 736 53 43
Sacembira plays traditional mbira music from the Shona culture of Zimbabwe. Two mbira dza vadzimu together with singing and hosho, expressed with the very own sound of Sacembira.

Public exposures

1 & 9 March 2007, Consert in Stallet, Stallgatan.
6 Aug 2007, Consert in Seglora Church, Skansen.
2006, Consert in Gallery Cocody, Birgel Jarlsgatan 119.

Zimba Marimba and Zimba Marimba Band (S)

Qvantenborgsvägen 15, 227 38, Lund, Sweden, Telephone: +46 (0) 46 12 88 78. Mobile: +46 (0) 709 58 61 47
Zimba Marimba band says the following about their work: “all members of the group play/perform/alternate on 10 African marimbas (African xylophones -2 bass, 2 tenors, 3 altos, and 3 sopranos), mbiras, drums (from Southern Africa and West Africa), hosho (maracas), leg rattles, and song and dance. Being able to play all the parts and instruments gives a deeper understanding of the musical structure and enriches ensemble work. Zimba Marimba Band is based in Lund, Sweden. We are a young vibrant percussion group and have played together for many years, developing an ensemble expertise that thrills us and the people we play for. Our main focus has been to learn about the music and culture of Zimbabwe. We explore the cultural context of the music and encourage our audiences to understand and participate in this great musical tradition that embraces and teaches us about LIFE! We have had the amazing fortune to travel to Africa several times, living amongst its people and sinking deep into the magic of the music. Our visits to Zimbabwe and especially to HIFA festival in Harare 2007 have inspired us to share our music with thousands of people at festivals. We also present workshops.”

Public exposures

2007, HIFA (Harare Festival of the Arts May), sponsored by Swedish Embassy/Cultural Fund, Zimbabwe
Hundreds of concerts and workshops in schools through MusikiSyd
Kulturnatt, Lund, Sweden

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