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Cultural expressions are among the more effective ways of counteracting stereotypes and prejudices. Artists contribute to more varied and interesting images of Africa. In addition, culture  can be seen as communication in a language, which is different from, and in some senses deeper and more nuanced, than what social science  provides.

Contemporary  cultural expressions  and the images of Africa have been the two main themes of the project “Cultural Images in and of Africa”. With the occasional evening  series “Writers’ Africa” the project has created a meeting point for those interested to hear and meet visiting African writers. With this page we want to start a resource base to highlight the fact that there are a number of resident African artists of different genres in the Nordic countries.

The list will include:
  • African artists living in any of the Nordic countries representing different genres of arts – pictorial arts, performing arts, literature, music and dance
  • Nordic or other mixed or wholly non-African groups, which perform African music
There are plans to later include information on organisations organising music and art events with African artists in the Nordic countries and from Africa, but the emphasis will remain on individual African artists in the Nordic countries.

We have somewhat arbitrarily sorted the list into three groups:
The link of each genre leads to a list of all artists in that genre included on the list.

Please note that if a person or an institution wants to contact any of the artists here listed, you should contact them directly. We do not take a mediating or negotiating role beyond giving information on this list. We are delighted to hear about successful experiences of engaging artists through this resource base.

We are launching this list with artists, who by mid-November 2007 have responded to our invitation. Even though the number is modest, it already represents an admirable amount of artistic creativity and energy. We are also very grateful for names of artists you think should be included. Please,  supply us with contact numbers and addresses to the recommended artists.

We foresee that the list will grow, although it by necessity never will be a complete directory of African artists in the Nordic countries.

The list has been launched thanks to the energetic work by Karin Båge, who worked as an intern at the Nordic Africa Institute in the autumn of 2007.

The undersigned coordinator of the “Cultural Images in and of Africa” is fully responsible for the selection of information provided. Information on individual artists is supplied or approved by the artist. The date indicated is the time of publishing the text on the Nordic Africa Institute's website. 

Mai Palmberg
Coordinator of the research and network programme “Cultural Images in and of Africa” 
(Uppsala 16 Nov. 2007)
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