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The NAI Images list (NIL) is an electronic forum for information and exchange that has been opened by the project. The purpose of the forum is to stimulate exchange between students and scholars in the Nordic countries, and create and encourage links with scholars in Africa. Anybody with an e-mail address can subscribe to the list through the co-ordinator, Mai.Palmberg@nai.uu.se.

The purpose of the list, the NAI-Images List (NIL),   is to stimulate and encourage interest in the themes foregorunded in the “Cultural Images in and of Africa” programme:

 1) identity and culture

 2) the Nordic and European images of Africa and the African images of Europe

 3) Cultural dynamics in contemporary Africa, especially issues of identities in cultural production.

Discussion and contacts are encouraged through the list between students and scholars in the Nordic countries, scholars in Africa and  African scholars in the diaspora.  Cultural workers and creators  in Africa are also welcomed to join, as are cultural journalists in the Nordic countries and Africa.

The list was launched in 1997 after a conference In Ellsinore, Denmark where participating scholars proposed that an effective and interactive communication should be enhanced by a mailing list. Its name is .

NIL is an interactive list, which means that any member of the list can put messages on the list, which then immediately reaches all other members. There are 325 members (as of 16 Oct. 2009). The list is special in its high proportion of African members, mainly on the African continent but also African researchers elsewhere – 131 list members are African, which shows itself in the discussion on the list.  

There is no rule setting down what topics can appear. But these are items are definitely welcome on the list:

1) Info on coming conferences and seminars, with contact addresses

2) info and discussion on plans for the cultural project at NAI

3) discussion on cultural research related to Africa, and on related cultural issues

4) info on African guests to the Nordic countries in the field of culture,

5) announcements of grants and open positions at NAI

6) reports from relevant conferences and workshops

7) queries for information in the fields in focus

8)   news and views on new books and articles of relevance, not least from   Africa.

9) cultural material, such as poems, short stories and links to sites with pictorial arts, music, dance videos, performing poetry and other genres

10) comments and criticism of the specific material mentioned in (9)

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