The Nordic Africa Institute is a research institution tasked to undertake and encourage studies on contemporary Africa or Africa-related issues by scholars in mainly the Nordic and African countries.

The multi-disciplinary focus of its research agenda addresses topical issues within the social sciences. With its research activities pursuing close interaction between Nordic and African scholars, the Institute seeks to enhance international collaboration and aims to contribute towards and stimulate academic as well as informed public debate.

Thematic research areas

  • Economic growth and challenges of inequality and poverty
  • Climate change and sustainable development
  • Conflict, security and democratic transformation
  • Mobility and migration
  • Gender equality

Principles and values

The following principles and values guide all the research and learning activities at the Institute:
a) High quality: conscious efforts are made to ensure that research process and outcomes meet high standards. The principle and practice of peer review is not compromised at any level or stage in research at the Institute.
b) Policy relevance: the design, process and outcomes of research endeavours at NAI should take into consideration policy relevance. In this case research activities at the Institute are conceived and implemented not only as “knowledge for knowledge’s’ sake” but primarily for the benefit of larger community of stakeholders in terms of added value to their well-being through appropriate development policies and programmes at national, regional and global levels.
c) Capacity-building: research activities at NAI have, among other elements, capacity-building objectives. Research agendas are designed and executed with the intention of improving competencies and skills of researchers individually and collectively.


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Cape Verde

Subject areas

Democracy and governance, peace and conflict, Africa’s international relations, political economy of Africa, Europe–Africa relations, and international development assistance.

Senior researcher at NAI since October 2015.

Subject areas

Urban transformation, youth, rural-urban migration, urban strategies

Senior Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute since March 2010 and Associate Professor at the Department of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg

Subject areas

Transnational migration, remittances, migration policies, migration and development, return migration, socio-economic inequality, diaspora practices, multiculturalism, culture of migration, human trafficking.

Externally funded researchers

Researchers with external funding are welcome to apply for an employment at the Nordic Africa Institute. Your research must fit in one of our research themes. Read more about externally funded researchers.

Postdoc positions at NAI

Postdocs with own funds are welcome to apply to be hosted at the Institute. The postdocs research must fit in one of the NAI themes. Researchers based at Nordic or African research institutions will be favoured. The time to be hosted will not be limited in minimum time of stay but a maximum of 2 years is set.

Read more here about postdoc positions at NAI.

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