Family photos of stone

“Monuments are like family photos. Perhaps your mother doesn’t smile in the picture or the children are dressed in dirty clothes. They are still your family. The same is true of our monuments ‒ they show the Kenya we have.” NAI guest researcher Lydia Muthuma studies monuments and statues in Nairobi.

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New network for Africanists

A new network for Nordic Africanists is now launched. However, much more needs to be done before everything will work according to plans. The first challenge is to recruit members and secure funding. The Nordic Africa Research Network, NARN, is an independent and member based association.

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Path to inclusive democracy

Slavery is still a reality in Mauritania. However, a new order might be imminent. Political representatives of the vulnerable Haratin ethnic group have become important actors and President Abdel Aziz has opened the way for a more inclusive democracy, says Rachid Benlabbah, guest researcher at NAI.

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Burundi after the coup attempt

”Few people thought the protests would last this long, be this organised, and this determined”, writes former NAI researcher Gudrun Sif Fridriksdottir. Read her blog post that deals with the question of staying in Burundi or leaving, and what is happening outside of Bujumbura.

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