Jihadism enters its final phase

In Morocco, the monarchy guarantees Islam while the state is responsible for secular affairs. In Tunisia, the new constitution separates state and religion. There is thus now a process in place in North Africa that might bring an end to violent jihadism.

Read interview with guest researcher Rachid Benlabbah.

No legal option for migrants

The European Union is very wide of the mark in its efforts to deal with migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean, according to NAI researcher Anitta Kynsilehto. Instead, long-term solutions on legal labour migration to Europe, as well as legal ways of seeking asylum, must be provided.

Read interview with Kynsilehto.

War affects sexual debut

Rwanda and DR Congo have both been plagued by violent wars that have left millions of dead. These large-scale conflicts can be measured, but so too can everyday events in women’s lives. In this way, the connection between war and everyday life can be identified.

Read interview with NAI stipendiate Elina Lindskog.

Honeymoon is over for Buhari

Fair elections, victory for the opposition and an incumbent president accepting defeat – this is fairly unusual in an African context. However, the honeymoon is over and tough challenges await newly elected Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari.

Read interview with Victor Adetula.

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