The only option for Ethiopia

There is no alternative but to combine smallholder production with large-scale commercial farms, according to NAI guest researcher Wondwosen Michago Seide. Yet many are concerned about land investments and view them as means of colonising and scrambling African states.
Read interview with Wondhosen that tells us that in Ethiopia most investments in land are domestic.

Immigration and the oil boost

Last autumn, the Angolan economy was thriving, boosted by the country’s oil exports. Now, just a few months later, oil prices have plunged dramatically, changing the opportunities on the labour market.
Read interview with Pétur Waldorff.

West can learn from Liberia

Africa is not exceptional. On the contrary, studies of African rebel movements can help us understand what is going on in other parts of the world, including today’s Ukraine. Both in Liberia and in Ukraine the armed conflict is question of strategy to obtain political goals.
Read interview with Ilmari Käihkö.

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