Migrants navigating a maze

The everyday life of migrants is characterised by constant uncertainty.  Many move from one country as refugees or for other reasons to another place. What kind of knowledge and understanding of the world is it possible to form under these harsh conditions? That is the question posed by a new NAI study.
Read interview with NAI researcher Anitta Kynsilehto.

Media aggravates conflicts

By focusing on violence and its victims, the media tends to make conflicts worse. NAI guest researcher Ada Peter is critical of traditional war journalism.
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Migrants not always better off

Many households in Nigeria have at least one family member living abroad. When they come home for holidays, spending money around them, it is easy to believe they all are successful. This is not always the case, according to NAI guest researcher David Agu.
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For a fistful of gold

The workers in small-scale gold mines in West Africa see themselves as entrepreneurs, actively developing their expertise and careers. This surprised NAI researcher and anthropologist Cristiano Lanzano when he first entered the gold-mining community.
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