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NAI library staff has compiled a web dossier about China’s expansion in Africa. It includes links to relevant literature found in the library catalogue, a selection of websites and a list of related literature published by NAI.

The current Chinese scramble for Africa has attracted much attention by scholars and the media. In an interview on Swedish Television in March NAI research director Fantu Cheru said that "In the short term, right now the Chinese are the heroes, the African consumers are the greatest beneficiaries of Chinese entry into the African market ... In the long term there will be areas of tension, particularly with labour and with environment related issues.”

Several panels and round table discussions at ECAS 4 will deal with China in Africa:

Panel 5: Finally Untamed? Africa’s New Engagements with the North and South

Panel 7: Aid as a Means of Power for Developing States?

Panel 8: South-South Dialogue: BRIC’s African Agenda

Panel 25: Can (Pan-)African Policy Initiatives Shape the Terms of Reference of the Donor Community?

Panel 67: Foreign Investment in Africa – Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies of Private and Public Enterprises

Round Table 1: China‐Africa Economic Relations Project: Research Findings and Policy, Implications

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