Göteborg Book Fair 2010 – Focus Theme Africa

In less than two weeks, Göteborg Book Fair will open its doors to an estimated 100,000 visitors. Focus is on African literature. More than 70 writers, poets, journalists and illustrators from 28 countries on the African continent will participate.

NAI, in collaboration with the organizers, are pleased to welcome Nobel prize winner Nadine Gordimer from South Africa, feminist Nuruddin Farah from Somalia and Nigerian author Sefi Atta, whose debut novel Everything Good Will Come will be published in Swedish translation in 2010.

African authors will participate in seminars that will take place at various venues in the exhibition hall. The Africa stand alone will host 69 panels and events.

The focus on Africa is the broadest theme ever presented at the Book Fair. The initiative originated at NAI some years ago. One of the aims of the Institute is to disseminated information about modern Africa in the Nordic countries. Who, we asked ourselves, is better qualified to support us in this work than writers from different parts of the continent?

And the Africa theme is not confined to the Book Fair alone. In the city of Gothenburg, you will be able to hear African poets reading on the trams. You can enjoy or participate in the exhibition by the South African cartoonist Zapiro at the Art Hall. You can listen to African music. And you can take part in the African cultural festival organized by Frölunda Kulturhus.

The entire programme for the Africa stand is available here (in Swedish).
A catalogue containing the presentations of all the participating authors is available here (in Swedish).

Along with the writers, publishers, media, other organizations and companies from Scandinavia and Africa, we look forward to presenting the richness of African literature to the Scandinavian public.

Come and join us!

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