See you in Gothenburg!

Newsletter Editorial, September 2011
by Carin Norberg

Soon I will join the thousands of teachers, librarians, journalists, writers, publishers, researchers, students and others heading for the annual Book Fair in Gothenburg. This year’s theme is the German language.

Following last year’s success with the theme “Africa has the floor”, we have arranged an African sequel. I am particularly happy to confirm the attendance of two interesting writers from North Africa, Miral al-Tahawi from Egypt and Salim Bachi from Algeria. They will present their work – and themselves – in meetings and seminars with Cecilia Uddén (now based in Cairo for Swedish Radio), Professor Folke Tersman (Uppsala University) and Anita Theorell.

During last year’s Book Fair, photographer Sergio Santimano captured some of the 70 visiting writers from the African continent. Sergio Santimano and Johan Resele (Global Reporting) have helped us organise a special exhibition, which can be seen on the first floor (close to International Square). We are also offering a special “Africa has the floor” package that will enable libraries to download photos, films and text and facilitate the organization of their own exhibitions.

This year we have decided to move the institute’s stand from International Square to Research Square. Our researchers will present ongoing research at both “markets”. You are welcome to visit our stand, where you can browse through new books and reports, acquaint yourself with our library and chat with our staff. Don’t forget to pick up an issue of our annual report “The Rise of Africa – Miracle or Mirage”.

Thursday 22 September

  • Salim Bachi, "Towards the inexorable" at 14.00 (seminar, room J1).
  • Former NAI researcher Göran Holmqvist on Swedish aid and social security schemes (International Square stage, 14.00).

Friday 23 September

  • NAI researcher Kjell Havnevik on biofuels and land grabbing (International Square stage, 11.40).
  • NAI researcher Kjell Havnevik on land grabbing (Research Square stage, 14.00).
  • Miral al-Tahawi, on her novels (International Square stage, 17.20).
  • NAI director Carin Norberg on transparency and aid (International Square stage, 18.20).

Saturday 24 September

  • Salim Bachi, on his novels (International Square stage, 11.00).
  • Miral al-Tahawi, "From the Tent to Brooklyn Heights" at 15.00 (seminar, room K3).

Sunday 25 September

  • NAI researcher Anders Sjögren on conflict management (Research Square stage, 11.35).
  • NAI researcher Anders Sjögren on conflict management (International Square stage, 13.00).
  • NAI associate Eva Evers Rosander on her new book “Nyckeln till paradiset" (International Square stage, 13.40).
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