NAI researchers to visit New Zealand

Fantu Cheru, NAI Research Director, and Cyril Obi, head of NAI’s research cluster on conflict, will visit New Zealand later in October. They will participate in a seminar organised by the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. The seminar will address the country’s renewed interest in Africa and will be attended by New Zealand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Murray McCully.

Fantu Cheru will participate in a session discussing reasons why New Zealand cannot neglect Africa as an emerging actor in terms of development, trade and cooperation. He will also point to the BRIC nations’ growing interest in the continent. Factors that could have an impact and hinder progress on the continent such as MDGs and conflict resolutions will be addressed by Cyril Obi.

The seminar has been organized in order for New Zealand to learn about Africa and explore the various questions the country can come across in its relations to African countries.The two day seminar will take place between October 20 and 21 in Wellington.

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