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Politicians with weapons in the closet

Africa Now-series. Can we really trust former military leaders who become politicians? It is a common feature of many war-torn African countries and the subject of the book Warlord Democrats.

Great books on Africa

Researcher recommends. “It is a dense and somewhat difficult book to read, but worth the effort. I keep discovering new nuances in it” – Jesper Bjarnesen on ‘On the Postcolony by Achille Mbembe’.

Buying friends and votes

Elections in Liberia. An outgoing president who turned her back on the vice-president’s candidacy and a detained former president who interferes in politics through his ex-wife – these are some of the ingredients in the Liberian elections scheduled for 10 October.

How to work together for peace

Peacebuilding. At a recent policy-dialogue on Africa's regional efforts for peace, held in Rabat, many memorable and thought-provoking ideas came from youth representatives, NAI director Iina Soiri notes.

Bridging the digital divides in Africa

ICT development. Information and communication technology is developing rapidly in Africa. However, there are worrying trends, such as a growing digital divide between men and women, and between urban and rural areas. NAI guest researcher Samia Satti Mohamed Nour...

Launch of country pages

NAI has compiled the institutes’ resources on each African country in one place. The library’s resources, news articles and researchers who have expertise on a specific country are found in the country pages.

Lingering anxiety over presidency

Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari is back in office after sick leave – but will he be fit to run in the 2019 election? Uncertainty over the president’s health is particularly sensitive, as it impinges on an informal agreement that the presidency should...

The industrialisation that never happened

Economic development. Without domestic refining industries, African countries are bound to serve and supply other countries’ industries with raw material. For most leaders on the continent, industrialisation has been a top priority since the early 1960s. However, despite...

Great books on Africa

NAI-series. Patience Mususa highlights a book that challenges the idea of all-knowing experts. “We don’t know everything. I think that is an important approach for all scholars”. Drinking from the Cosmic Gourd, How Amos Tutuola Can Change Our Minds by Francis B...

Wolf researcher joining NAI

Wildlife management. Through her work on interaction between wolves and humans in south-west Finland, Sanna Ojalammi learned how emotionally charged wildlife studies can be. As new researcher at NAI she returns to studying wildlife in Africa.

Trust in election process at a low

Kenya. NAI researcher Anders Sjögren doubts that a re-run of the presidential election can take place within 60 days, in accordance with the constitution. The trust in the election process is at a low, he says.

UNESCO project documenting liberation struggle

Digitization. It started with a conversation at a conference and ended up as a UNESCO project at the Nordic Africa Institute. In collaboration with UNESCO and the National Archives of Tanzania unique documents are digitized at the institute.

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