In Memoriam: Carl-Erik Schulz

Carl-Erik Schulz

By Henning Melber

On 30 November 2008 Carl-Erik Schulz was denied to continue living his commitments. Climbing the Table Mountain (as he did many times before) ended in a fatal accident.

Carl-Erik (born 26 August 1946 in Oslo) spent most of his professional career as an Associate Professor and Professor of Economics at the University of Tromsø. Since 2006 he was Professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He was a gentle and calm person, always on the move to explore new frontiers while pursuing his political and social values and norms with soft but steadfast perseverance.

Since 1995 Carl-Erik was in charge of a co-operation programme with the University of the Western Cape and divided his professional and personal activities between various work places and institutions in Norway and South Africa, where he spent regularly parts of the year in Cape Town or on field research. He had just arrived again end of November for another trip to the field.

Carl-Erik was a committed scholar, who despite his own strong convictions had the ability to listen. In 2003 he was a Nordic Guest Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, where he pursued his research interests on the South African water policy and its effects on the urban poor. His work never ignored the marginalized people, while he also shared with many others the ecological and environmental concerns with regard to the effects of our way of life and its underlying dominant economic rationale.

Carl-Erik chaired the Board of Economic Research (between 1995 and 2000) and since 2005 the Board for Poverty and Peace Research (POVPEACE) of the Research Council of Norway. He was guided in his deliberations by fairness, intellectual curiosity, honesty and integrity.  

Those who had the privilege to work with him will miss Carl-Erik and mourn with his family and all others, who are aware of this painful loss.

Hamba Kahle, Carl-Erik!

(Henning Melber is Executive Director of the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation. He was the Research Director at NAI between 2000 and 2006 and a member of the POVPEACE Board.)

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