Research Scholarship-holders at NAI

Research scholarship holders Edwin Warden and Louise Corrigan have become part of several post graduates that conducted their research thesis at the Nordic African Institute. The duo´s month-long activity at NAI exposed them to an environment that is both academically-friendly and homely.

Louise who has a passionate interest in the development processes in the East African nation looks forward to producing a discourse analysis on the peace building process in Rwanda.

“I want to explore the underlying assumptions that govern women´s participation, and going beyond numbers by looking at norms and values” she said. Research work at NAI turned out more creative and exciting for Louise.  “The NAI library has a whole shelve on Rwanda!” she enthusiastically said.  

Edwin Warden on his part researches on factors relating to local grievances in emerging oil countries, with a special focus on the coastal town of Cape Three Points in Ghana. “Oil has resulted in conflict after many years of discovery and production in African petro-states and it has now become crucial to find out why.”

Edwin is hopeful that understanding how grievances serve as catalyst for conflict may be useful in deterring such incidences in emerging and potential oil exploration countries like Ghana as well as Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  

While he hailed the NAI library for being “very informative”, Edwin acknowledges the enhanced research facility at the Nordic African Institute  “At NAI, you get a big space to write, have full concentration, and most importantly the people around me such as senior researchers and post-graduate colleagues who offer you advice, support and motivation.”

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