Why governance matters

NAD 2014 - Key Note Dr Mo Ibrahim

Despite impressive economic figures in recent years most people in Africa are still poor. The only way for Africa to move forward is to ensure good governance – the way the economy, legal structures and institutions are managed.  Dr Ibrahim is the Founder and Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation which supports good governance and exceptional leadership on the African continent.

Invitation to Key Note lecture September 26, 2014, 13.00-15.00 at Uppsala University Grand Auditorium (pdf opens in new window).

On Saturday September 27 the second Key Note speaker Morten Jerven talks about how much (or little) we know about income, growth and poverty in Africa. The title is 'Africa by Numbers: Knowledge & Governance' and this Key Note is not open to the public. Morten Jerven is Associate Professor School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University.

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