Ebola exhausts health care

The Ebola epidemic exhausts an already weak health care in the affected West African countries. More resources are needed to halt the epidemic and also for taking care of patients with other serious diseases. Health care resources are exhausted when taking care of Ebola patients, leaving people with e.g. malaria and tuberculosis without proper medication and care.

– This means that the whole health care system, already in bad shape in the region, has to be reorganized, says Iina Soiri, director for the Nordic Africa Institute in an interview for the Swedish Television.

Although the situation in West Africa is very serious, Soiri is optimistic about the actions taken by the World Health Organization.
– WHO has done a new assessment and made up plans for tackling the crisis. It is a positive sign that the epidemic is taken seriously, she says.

The NAI library has compiled useful information sources on Ebola.

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