Book launch: Africa Turning

Tuesday March 25, 15.00 at NAI

Two decades ago the image of Africa was characterized by war, famine and alarming reports about aids. Today the situation is different. Analysts talk about rapid economic growth, a growing middle class and increased political stability. What is behind this turn?

Former ambassador Sten Rylander has for over thirty years been following African development from a close perspective. His experiences have been collected in the book 'Afrika vänder' (Africa Turning), an inspiring story about the continent’s possibilities and challenges.

Sten Rylander has previously written a critically acclaimed biography about Nelson Mandela. At this event the author will discuss the topic of his book with Mrs Morina Muuondjo, Ambassador of The Republic of Namibia. The event coincides with Namibia’s 24th independence day.

March 25th, 3 p.m. at the Nordic Africa Institute, Villavägen 6, Uppsala. The event is in English, open to all, welcome!

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