Large-scale agriculture in Tanzania

NAI researcher Linda Engström is now engaged in fieldwork in Tanzania, where she is spending time in the villages of Kigoma and Bagamoyo interviewing locals. She is also visiting business managers and policymakers in various departments and institutions in Dar es Salaam.

– I am looking further into what happens when a company is allocated large areas of land to initiate large-scale agriculture. In my case, my focus is on two companies, one Swedish and the other Belgian/ Tanzanian. Neither has started production yet , even though both have been trying to secure land titles and financing for six or seven years, she says.
Linda Engström is looking in detail at the role of villagers and the district in relation to the land inventory. In recent years, half the village land has been transferred to the state administration and leased to the two companies, in at least one case for 99 years.
– I'm trying to get a handle on how power imbalances, and differences in worldview, contribute to the delay in investments. I’m also interviewing policymakers in both the Swedish and Tanzanian governments to understand how they justify their investment in large-scale biofuel and food production enterprises, and their role in the major decisions in that process.

Read more about Linda Engström’s research project here.


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