In memoriam Patrick Chabal (1951-2014)

Members of the current and former staff of The Nordic Africa Institute join the many scholars in African Studies as well as the AEGIS Board and Advisory Council in mourning the loss of Patrick Chabal, who finally lost his long battle against his illness on 16 January.

During the formative years of AEGIS, Patrick was in close collaboration with members of NAI and a regular visitor to the Institute, where during strategic meetings parts of the institutional setting of AEGIS were drafted. Patrick joined us the last time for the European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 4) held in Uppsala in mid-2011. Under his AEGIS presidency ECAS was established as the most important regular African Studies event in Europe.

Patrick left a lasting imprint not only on AEGIS and ECAS but also in African Studies with his often thought provoking analyses. He did not shy away from controversies and from touching taboos. Especially his book 'Africa Works: Disorder as Political Instrument' (1999, with Jean-Pascal Daloz), caused a lasting debate and became as a classic one of the most cited references since the turn of the century.

While fighting his long-lasting battle against illness Patrick nevertheless maintained against all odds and despite many setbacks a lasting presence until the end. We shall miss him as a person, a scholar, a friend, who enriched African Studies and our lives.

Hamba Kahle, Patrick!

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