Mandela not with us anymore

NAI researcher Marianne Millstein wrote the following blog post earlier this year:
"South Africa and the world are about to see the symbolic end of an era. The overwhelming tribute to Madiba as a statesman and humanist speaks volumes about him and his legacy. South Africa’s transition has been referred to as a miracle, not least thanks to a generation of leaders of whom Mandela is the greatest of the great. However, the ‘Madiba era’ ended a long time ago. Mandela has not had any practical political role recently beyond the legacies of his values and ideas, which continue to inspire old and new generations of South Africans. The enormous importance that Mandela has had is indisputable. Like for so many others, Mandela was and is my hero and inspiration."

NAI director Iina Soiri in Swedish Radio (opens in new window).

“Mandela’s gone. But he will be with us, forever.” Read Jay Naidoo at NAI Forum.

NAI researcher Annika Teppo
is in Cape Town and was interviewed by Aftonbladet (opens in new window).

Interview with Marianne Millstein in Swedish Public Radio (opens in new window).

Comments by Marianne Millstein in Helsingborg daily newspaper (opens in new window).

The NAI library has compiled a list of material about Nelson Mandela.

Magnus Walan has written a column about Mandela at the website of Omvärldens/Sida (in Swedish, opens in new window).


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