The world downside up

For the first time in African postcolonial history, citizens of a former European colonial power are seeking improved living conditions in the ex-colonies. Almost 125 000 Portuguese have in a few years immigrated to Angola. They are pushed by economic crisis at home and pulled by economic growth in Angola. In some Portuguese media Angola is portrayed as El Dorado where it is easy to become rich and life is full of new and exotic pleasures.
– In migration research, this is an imaginary that is well-known from African utopic visions of Europe. In the world of today, Angola has the upper hand and Portugal has to comply. This is the world downside up, says NAI researcher Lisa Åkesson.
She has recently been granted 3,5 million Swedish kronor by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for a three-year project that will examine the Portuguese labor migration to Angola and Cape Verde.

At Mats Utas blog, Lisa Åkesson describes the Portuguese immigration to Angola and the savage capitalism that dominates the capital Luanda.

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