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Book review of “The Horn of Africa: Conflict and security within and between states," edited by NAI researcher Redie Bereketeab.

The review made by Abdullah Mezar, foreign affairs editor of the daily newspaper Al Khaleej in the United Arab Emirate, underscored its relevance and rich take on this rather embarrassing stage in Africa. Mezar contends that what distinguishes this book from a good many others seen in recent years is its deep analysis which examines the causes of conflict through the regional and global perspectives and approaches, which provides a wide understanding to the causes of conflict, war, and security, and the nature of the changing actors, and how the conflicts within states feed one other. He suggests the book ought to be read by any decision-makers in Africa or even outside so as to understand what is happening now and the possibility of finding a formula to draw up a plan to address the problems of the Horn of Africa.

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