Jay Naidoo about South Africa post-apartheid

Jay Naidoo, a prominent political commentator in South Africa, gave a lecture on the theme of progress and challenges after the apartheid era in South Africa at NAI on Tuesday afternoon. The lecture was about how the situation in South Africa is today, the progress made ​​and the challenges South Africa is facing regarding for example corruption and youth unemployment, but also the large gap between the rich and poor in the country. Naidoo also raised apartheids impact on the country.

Jay Naidoo has a background as a minister in the first government in South Africa after the apartheid era under President Nelson Mandela and was also the founding General Secretary of COSATU, the Congress of South African Trade Unions.
COSATU is one of the pillars of the anti-apartheid movement and South Africa's largest trade union. The seminar was organized by the Nordic Africa Institute in conjunction with Uppsala Association of International Affairs and Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice.

The filmed lecture with Jay Naidoo

Length: 39 minutes

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