Conflict simulation

Peacekeepers and international forces are asked to respond to varied and complex conflict situations in the Middle East and Africa. While some conflict dynamics may be general, conflicts and civil wars in the Middle East and Africa have their own context specific traits. The Swedish Armed Forces and the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) are therefore expanding their training and pre-deployment preparation to contexts other than those in the former Yugoslavia. Hence, in an effort to provide the most realistic simulation and to increase the preparedness of civilian and military staff, the FBA and the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) are collaborating for the adaptation of the Computer Assisted Exercise VIKING 14 to the African setting. Designed to simulate a large-scale peace mission with over 2000 participants, VIKING 14 will immerse participants in the fictitious country of ‘Bogaland’ where they will be required to meet challenges often faced in African conflict zones. NAI is thus contributing to the development of the history of the Bogaland civil war, the Bogaland peace agreement and ‘official’ documents such as the UN Security Council Resolutions. NAI researchers Ludwig Gelot and Linnéa Gelot contribute with their knowledge in African security and the increasingly important conflict management role of African regional actors and African states.

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