Bujagali Dam, Uganda. Photo by Terje Oestigaard.

Cosmology set against technology

In the geo-political context today the waters of the Nile are an increasingly disputed resource. Discussions are mostly held regarding water utilization, food security, irrigation schemes and dam developments for hydropower.
– But water is important and fundamental in other spheres. Culture and cosmology directs the attention to some of the deep and most resilient belief systems and traditions at work, says Terje Oestigaard, researcher at NAI.
Terje Oestigaard will continue his fieldwork at the source of the White Nile in Uganda during the fall.

A workshop will also be held in Kampala, 14-15 October 2013 with the title ‘Authority, territory, community. Regional dynamics of water, land tenure regimes and state formation in Africa’. The aim is to enrich and get deeper understanding of the role of water and land in state formations and processes of continuity and stability in Africa – in the past and the present. NAI researchers Terje Oestigaard and Anders Sjögren participate in the workshop.

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