Costly to send money from Sweden

Last year, the world's migrants sent more than 400 million dollars to developing countries - known as remittances. That's more than three times as much as the total official development aid  to the same countries. In Sweden those who send remittances pay a lot for unnecessarily rigid controls. The government should create a website where you can compare what it costs to send money with different actors. One such site was created by the British aid agency DFID in 2005, and has been replicated in several countries. Lisa Pelling, chief investigator at the think tank Arena Ideas writes an article on the subject at Omvärlden's website (in Swedish, opens in new window).

NAI researcher Lisa Åkesson has written a Policy Note on the topic of remittances:  'Migrant remittances, social inequality and restrictive immigration regimes' (opens in new window, free download).

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