Filmed events Almedalsveckan 2013

Sweden’s biggest political meeting place

Can we only have ONE picture of Africa? -  webcast (in Swedish, opens in new window). In his exhibition, 'Africa is a Great Country', photographer Jens Assur shows a new image of a modern, urban and vivid Africa. Participants: Mats Utas, researcher at NAI, Jens Assur, photographer, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Director-General, Sida,  Marika Griehsel, journalist.

Images of Africa: miracle or misery? - webcast (in Swedish, opens in new window). What is a realistic and nuanced picture of Africa? And what effect would it have? Participants in the panel: Kjell Havnevik, researcher at NAI, Mats Utas, researcher at NAI, Eldridge Adolfo, researcher at NAI, Joachim Beijmo, Head of Communications, Sida, Marika Griehsel, moderator and Africa-journalist.

Is Ulan Bator the future? - webcast (opens in new window).Partially in English. While Europe's economies collapse the growth in rest of the world increases quickly. Participant from NAI: Iina Soiri, Director, NAI.

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