Maria Malmström (to the left) at the Tahir Square. Copyright: Maria Malmström

Strong emotions in Cairo

Following the announcement on Wednesday night that Mursi resigns filled the streets of Cairo of cheering people. Maria Malmström, researcher at NAI and the University of Gothenburg, landed in Cairo just as cheers erupted.
- It is absolutely incredible, I have never experienced a similar celebration. People laugh and cry. They stand up straight, being proud of their country and will no longer take any crap, she says.
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Is it a military coup?
– That is not how people see it here in Cario. Mursi refused to leave power and in a democracy the will of the people need be taken seriously, says Maria Malmström.
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Why was Mursi overthrown?
– People are dissatisfied with Mursi, also them who actually voted for him, says Maria Malmström to Swedish Radio.
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Power cuts and fuel shortage.
– With Mursi everything got worse. Prices have gone up to a level so even if you have a job you can’t make a living from the salary, says Maria Malmström.
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