New face at International Links cluster

Ann-Sofie Isaksson is a new researcher with NAI’s International Links cluster. She is a development economist with a research background at the University of Gothenburg. In 2011, she defended her PhD thesis, ”Essays on institutions, inequality and development.”
– Broadly speaking, my research deals with the intersection between governance and inequality. In societies experiencing economic, political and social inequality, generating broad support for reforms can be difficult. There is the risk that politicians will take a narrow view of interests and rely on personal favours in exchange for political support. African politics is indeed often described in these terms.

Focusing on sub-Saharan Africa in two ongoing research projects, she will investigate the relationship between social divisions on one hand, and corruption and clientelism on the other. Preliminary results point to the importance of the impartiality of the state apparatus and the need for inclusive institutions that serve the interests of the broad population rather than just enriching elites.


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