Erik Trovalla – new researcher

Alternative infrastructure

When infrastructure works you don’t think much about it. When it doesn’t, that’s when it stirs up emotions and sparks creativity. The result is not only new technical solutions. Along the alternative systems for water, electricity and fuel provision new social structures emerge.

This is the starting point of Erik Trovalla’s research project in the city of Jos in central Nigeria. Erik is a new researcher at NAI. Involved in the project is also NAI researcher Ulrika Trovalla.

– We got the idea while writing on our dissertations in Nigeria. Power went out constantly! Few things upset people as much, and are as frequently discussed, as the things that should work but don’t.

Erik Trovalla is ethnologist and previously worked at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research. He focuses mainly on people’s relation to objects and to the material world. His doctoral dissertation focused on consumer culture.

Read more about the project.

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