The golden jubilee

This year’s Africa Day, 25 May, marks the 50th anniversary of the African Union (AU) and the former Organisation of African Unity (OAU). NAI researcher Linnéa Gelot comments on AU’s achievements and remaining challenges.

Read article about the African Union by Linnéa Gelot (opens in new window).

Just out! New Discussion Paper!
African political dynamics are undergoing change in the light of the recent ‘Arab Spring’, and the fall of authoritarian regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. A NAI-FOI Discussion Paper has examined the political and security objectives of some of the most powerful AU member states in the current post-Arab Spring setting, ‘The African Union in Light of the Arab Revolts. An Appraisal of the foreign policy and security objectives of South Africa, Ethiopia and Algeria’, edited by Mikael Eriksson and Linnéa Gelot.

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