Conflict in Mali may escalate

France fears that unrest in Mali can spread to other former French colonies in the area.
- That's way an air campaign against rebels in northern Mali has been initiated. The situation is very problematic and the chances are that there is an escalation to a high intensity and prolonged conflict, says NAI researcher Mats Utas to Finnish Yle radio program (in Swedish).

Listen to Mats Utas in Finnish radio 'Yle' (starting 29,23) and in Swedish public television 'Gomorron Sverige', the interview with Mats Utas starts 6.42.

Mats Utas also comments on the situation in Mali in Swedish daily press, read Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, or  Uppsala Nya Tidning.

High stake in Mali - France is waging war against a motley group of people with different interests and motives. That is a dangerous game, writes Morten Böås at Fafo-institute in Norwegian NRK.
Read article (in Norwegian).

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