Interview with Mats Hårsmar

Mats Hårsmar is acting director at NAI from 1 January.

What are your intentions as director?
I will serve as director for a short period. However, NAI is a dynamic place to work, and even during a short period there will be ample possibilities to support and promote the good research, communication and library work that is done here. NAI is, and shall be relevant for those interested in, and those who are working with, Africa.

What can we expect of 2013?
Africa is a really interesting continent, to be monitored on a daily basis. We are involved in a number of different research projects and learn continuously. Follow these projects on our web site. And do also follow the debates on NAI Forum! During 2013 the fifth round of the European Conference on African Studies will be held in Lisbon In June. This will be exciting.

The NAI Global Cluster, which you lead, has changed name. Why is that?
“Globalization” is a wide concept. We would like to focus our work on the interface between African societies and the outside world – where financial, but also human interaction take place. This is why we now call our cluster for African International Links. We are currently busy developing new research projects within this framework.

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