Is growth sustainable?

Swedish Minister for Finance visited NAI

Swedish minister for finance, Anders Borg, attended a NAI workshop on African Economic Growth. Among the invited guests were Thandika Mkandawire, Professor at London School of Economics, Miguel Nino-Zarazúa, Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER, and on link to Washington the chief economist of the World Bank’s Africa unit, Shanta Devarajan.

NAI cluster leader Mats Hårsmar moderated the conference. 
-Growth continues to be very impressive in many parts of Africa. But we have not seen enough of the structural transformation needed for making growth sustainable in the longer run. Growth has to become much more inclusive. Our discussion focused primarily on the governance challenges that this implies. Progress is made, but much still remains in terms of poverty reduction, dealing with rising inequalities and creating jobs for the 7-10 million young people that enter the African labor force every year, says Mats Hårsmar.

Anders Borg was interviewed by Swedish Public Television, regional news (opens in new window).

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