Elite with no interest in reforms

It is nine years since there was peace, but Liberia is still suffering from the long civil war. Society is twofold with a small elite very rich and the majority of people who are very poor. Agricultural development is an area with great economic potential. One problem is that Liberia has two different legal systems for land rights involving uncertainty about land ownership which leads to conflicts, with both domestic and foreign investors. The elite benefit from uncertainty about the current system and is not interested in reform. NAI hosted a seminar to highlight and discuss the situation in Liberia in a number of key areas and explore possibilities for cooperation between research and aid policy and practice. Read the summary from the seminar (pdf in Swedish, opens in new window). 

Preliminary Research Ideas - Inclusive Development of Agricultural Markets in Post-Conflict Countries, with a Focus on Liberia (pdf opens in new window).

Read more about the NAI-project ' The Informal Realities of Peacebuilding - Military Networks and Former Mid-Level Commanders in Post-War Liberia '. 

Read the full article about Liberia (in Swedish).

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