Predicting infrastructure

NAI researchers Erik and Ulrika Trovalla with the Urban Cluster have been granted funds by the Swedish Research Council for a three-year project in the Nigerian city of Jos. Their research will explore how people through infrastructure try to predict the city and the nation.
Imperfections make the infrastructure very present in people’s everyday lives. Much effort is put into trying to predict these changing processes, and to discover new ways around the infrastructure’s shortcomings. The failing systems can also be opportunities. Jobs and business are created and form the backbone of many African cities, and if things were working as intended the spine would crumble. Read Ulrika Trovalla’s article ‘Failing systems as opportunities’.

17 November at Gustavianum in Uppsala, Erik and Ulrika Trovalla show their photo exhibition ‘Suprastructure” which give a glimpse from their research on the meanings of infrastructure in everyday life.

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