Report from Oslo-conference and NAI 50th anniversary

More than a hundred – mainly Norwegian – scholars, practitioners, officials and policy makers participated in the conference ‘Research for Development?’ in Oslo, November 1, 2012. The need to re-assess the meaning and definition of development studies and its applicability not only in a ‘global South’ was among the emerging topical issues, which illustrated that this is not merely a theoretical debate. The contributions, often based on personal experiences and motivations, showed that seeking meaningful discourse with practical consequences is far from being merely an academic exercise. Read the full report from the conference in Oslo here (pdf opens in new window).  

“The Nordic Africa Institute – anything is possible for a 50-year old” writes Silja Nurkkala and Iina Soiri, from Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland, in their report from the NAI 50th anniversary celebrations in mid-October 2012 (in Finnish only, opens in new window).

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