Important to screen research for relevancy

Lisa Román is a new policy- and research analyst with the NAI Global Cluster. She started her research career as an economist at the Stockholm School of Economics and has long experience working with Sida and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as an aid official and as a consultant.
− My task is to bridge research and practice. Government officials often have limited capacity to take up research and also lack the tools to screen research for relevancy, says Lisa Román.
Although her appointment is only half-time, she will also conduct her own research. Lisa Román is interested in linkages between aid and business sector development, and what role the Swedish business sector should play. Perhaps other countries are better positioned to strengthen the business sector, she suggests.
She also wishes to help bring together research within the Global Cluster.
− A common denominator is different kinds of flows – flows of capital, of people, of ideas, says Lisa Román.

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