Linking research with development co−operation

Gun Eriksson Skoog is a new researcher with the NAI Conflict Cluster. She is on secondment from Sida and recently returned from a position at the Swedish Embassy in Liberia. One of her responsibilities is linking NAI research with development co−operation.
− It is important that research carried out at NAI reaches policy makers. It is equally important that practitioners who work in the field are aware of our research. I hope my work at NAI will be relevant and useful for both the policy and practice of development co-operation, says Gun Eriksson Skoog.

She will undertake research on the development of agricultural markets that includes and benefits the poor in post-conflict economies, and will particularly focus on the Liberian experience. One question she wishes to consider is whether and how market development contributes to peace building, for example, by establishing new economic ties between people who were separated by conflict. Market development may also have the opposite effect: reforming economic systems and structures could pose a threat to existing power structures and create new conflicts.
− It is a great opportunity to be at NAI for the coming 18 months and to work more analytically on the things l was doing in Liberia, says Gun Eriksson Skoog.

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