A pygmy woman and her daughter in Congo carrying a heavy load of beans. Beans are one of the most popular legumes in Central/Eastern Africa and are an essential food for the local people in the rural areas.

Openness and good governance

Debate article at NAI Forum by Heidi Hautala, Finland’s minister for international development

There are serious problems of governance and lack of transparency at the national level in Africa. Although abundant with various natural resources, the problems of governance are restraining the people to get their share of the profit. Most countries have rather weak legal and governance frameworks to regulate the exploration. Governments are unprepared to guarantee people’s fundamental social and political rights when planning and making deals on the utilization of their natural resources.

Openness, right to information and access to decision-making are fundamental principles of the rule of law and good governance. The people of both developing countries and donor countries must know where and how their public funds are generated and spent.

Read the full article on NAI Forum by Finland’s minister Heidi Hautala.

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