Can warlords be democrats?

In many post-conflict societies in Africa former warlords run for election. Is this a necessary evil or can warlords contribute to building democratic societies?
The NAI workshop from 20 to 21 September aims to investigate this. NAI researcher Anders Themnér is leading the workshop.
− It´s easy to see all the problems. People recently involved in killings and lootings are all of a sudden running for president. Often they have their military networks intact and use aggressive political discourses, which can undermine post-war reconciliation. At the same time, they are resourceful leaders with organizational skills. What happens if these skills can be used for more productive purposes? says Anders Themnér.

Key note speaker is Pierre Schori –former head of the UN Peacekeeping Operation in Ivory Coast – on 'Shaking hands with the devil – a necessary evil?'

Read more about Anders Themnér and his research.

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