More child soldiers in Congo

Swedish Radio reports a growing number child soldiers in DRC (listen to programe, in Swedish).
NAI researcher Mats Utas has since 1997 been doing research in Liberia and Sierra Leone with focus on youth in conflicts.
− As long as conflicts linger more children will be recruited. They are cheap soldiers, says Mats Utas.
Download Utas’ PhD-thesis Sweet Battlefields: Youth and the Liberian Civil War (opens in new window) . He has also contributed a chapter in the book Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration (opens in new window).

Maria Eriksson Baaz is the Nordic Africa Institute’s expert on DRC.
− It is good that the problem with child soldiers is recognized and thereby shifts away from focusing alone on sexual violence. Still, we must remember that this is just a symptom. It is important to solve what is causing the conflicts, say Maria Eriksson Baaz.

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