The home made lamp ”Obasanjo ya Kasa” - ”Obsanjo has failed”. Named after a former president in Nigeria.

Infrastructure in people's daily lives

NAI researcher Ulrika Trovalla goes to Nigeria for field work

The digital revolution , with cell phones, mobile internet , etc. increasingly characterizes African cities. At the same time infrastructure is characterized by an advanced decay, fragmentation and uncertainty. For example , electricity is only delivered a few minutes or hours per day. The central water supply is very sporadic, and petrol is often in short supply. These shortcomings become very evident and present in people's daily lives. NAI researcher Ulrika Trovalla’s project in Jos, Nigeria takes its starting point in a tight and close ethnography that can catch people's daily actions and experiences, their attempts to deal with a situation that constantly demand new solutions.

Read an interview with Ulrika Trovalla about  the project (in Swedish only).

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