Jack Abuya, Guest researcher at NAI. Photo: Johan Sävström.

Poor city planning a threat to water access

– Rapid urbanization in Sub Saharan Africa is putting immense pressure on its natural resources like Land and Water. Poor land use planning in cities on the other hand is posing serious challenges on water resources, says Jack Abuya, guest researcher at NAI during 20 April – 29 June.
He focuses his research on how urbanization is impacting water resources around the Lake Victoria region in Kenya.

It is difficult for the city councils to keep pace with the growing cities. Jack Abuya has been Director of City Planning in the Kenyan City Council of Kisumu and is well aware of the problems.
– Weak urban management institutions and lack of adequate funds don’t allow large investments in infrastructure as well as the enforcement of proper urban planning standards. As a consequence, people don’t have much faith in the local authorities. However, a new constitutional law on devolution currently being implemented will give more money and semi autonomy to the local governments and hopefully this gives scope for action, says Jack Abuya.

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