President Salva Kiir in Beijing

NAI researcher Fantu Cheru reports from official South Sudanese visit in China

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir held on Tuesday an hour long speech at Peking University. Besides from personally open the Embassy of South Sudan in China, the official visit also was to assure Chinese oil companies that they will be compensated for their loss as a result of the current crisis with Khartoum.
– Apparently SINOPEC and CNPC have lost about 6 billion dollars. Although the President mentioned compensation he also asked for the companies to expand their investments in South Sudan and said he would like to see a Chinese engagement in building an alternative pipeline through Kenya, says Fantu Cheru.

Regarding the current border conflict Salva Kiir declared to the audience that South Sudan was not the aggressor but merely invaded Sudanese territory in self-defense and then withdrew quickly and willingly. Rather disappointing, the President did not allow any questions from the audience.
– Despite many Africans being on the campus l was the only one present at the speech, because of my US citizenship. Both the President and Chinese hosts were probably afraid that the students would pose sensitive questions, says Fantu Cheru.

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