Somalia's neighbours unfairly treated

Countries in the Horn of Africa suffer in the war against terror and pirates

The War on Terror over the past decade, as well as the international campaign against offshore piracy has renewed geostrategic interest in the Horn of Africa and affected the politics of the region. Those countries leading the War on Terror have divided states in the region into friends and non-friends. Conflicts between Ethiopia and Eritrea and between South Sudan and Sudan clearly reflect this division.

– This means that states on the friendly list are allowed to get away with serious violations, while non-friends are punished with sanctions by the international community, says NAI researcher Redie Bereketeab.

In addition, geopolitical considerations often play a decisive role in how the big powers choose to get involved in the Horn of Africa. African land, oil and minerals are once again of key strategic importance.

– It’s always the people who pay the price when such considerations come to the fore, says Redie Bereketeab.

Read Redie Bereketeab’s article on NAI Forum.

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